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Car & Auto Bookings

Our Travel Desk provide all type of vehicles for the transfers as well as for sightseeing. It does not only help guests make the most of their trip, but it will also be able to take the burden of planning off their shoulders. Our guests appreciate this added benefit and certainly take advantage of the amenity, whether they are visiting from afar or are locals staying for a weekend getaway. Our travel desks offer the deals on experiences that guests would not be able to receive if they go straight to the source also. By simplifying our travel desk builds an instant rapport with the guests. In planning every detail of the guests travel itinerary, we are gifting and rebuilding dreams that our guests would have only envisioned but also expected!

Laundry Services

We provide the laundry services like, clothes washing, dry cleaning and pressing to our each guest. Our great value laundry service is ideal for everyday clothes, such as jeans, Suits, T-shirts, shirts, blouses, tops and trousers - and even underwear , socks etc.

Cooking Classes

These days, more and more tourists are taking cooking classes in India and learning about Indian cuisine. No matter what is their level of interest but they find our cooking class to meet their needs. They get the real taste of India’s culinary traditions and experience the delights of Mughal, Rajasthani, Gujarati, South Indian flavors with a chance for insider experiences and cultural interactions. Our passionate cook NEHA conducts popular cookery classes for travelers. These range from Two-Hour sessions to comprehensive 05 Days workshops on different Indian cuisines including Veg. & Non Veg. meals. The cooking class is held on demand. To make it more interesting and learning we add the market tour in it with additional cost.

Guided Sightseeing

We arrange the personal guided sightseeing in Khajuraho and around for our valuable guests for the authentic experience of the place. We use the licensed and selected guide of the panel from department of tourism guide, who make you different experiences of culture, colors, traditions, diversity and much more, which will surely make you feel the adrenaline rush in your veins

Cycle Tour

Khajuraho has promoted a lot of ecotourism over the recent years. Most tourists travel to Khajuraho by rail or air, but there are an increasing number of people, who like to explore it at a slower pace. Cycling in India is one good way of journeying across the Khajuraho and appreciating its heritage. Cycling expeditions in Khajuraho prove to be a good means to combine leisure, physical activity and sightseeing. It is a well-known fact that cycling helps you stay fit, both mentally and physically. Khajuraho has an extensive road network that reach even the most distant places and our cycling tours provide you the unique experiences of local, jungle trails, typical india village experiences and the back roads which make it an extremely off the beat and authentic trails.

Village Tour

Travellers seeking for a place to get a real feel of the India must visit our ancient villages that even today give the glimpse of age-old culture and traditions. Near to Khajuraho, you’ll get a truly immersive experience into real typical Indian village life, enjoying the famous Indian hospitality, from making and drinking chai with local women, to taking an ox cart ride through the hamlets. Throughout, you'll be guided by English speaking staff. And it's good to know that your trip is benefitting the community - you'll be helping to create opportunities for local people and all profits will be re-invested in the local community. Take a break from your city life and dig deep into the heart of rural India where a land of peacefulness, farming and ancient customs still exists. You can witness the unspoilt beauty of the country and its rich culture, traditions and simple lifestyle by travelling to some great villages of India that have managed well to preserve all of it. Further, you can breathe in the fresh air, walk in the lush green grounds and spellbound at the stunning landscape

Bike Tour

Taking a motorcycle tour in Khajuraho is the best way to explore the land and adventure. With valleys, plateaus, forests and all kinds of terrains to ride through, bike tours in Khajuraho will have you covering some of the best explorations of India. Riding a bike has benefits like no other tours. Apart from unleashing their adventurous side, it is the best way to get a close to nature as possible and explore the nooks and corners of any place. While some of the routes will have scenic views that will take your breath away, others will have you captured in their culture with the food and traditional art forms. There are many motorcycle friendly routes that can be taken by anyone who can ride a bike, while there are also some adventurous and tricky routes for daring bikers.

Bullock Cart Safari

Do you wish visiting the Indian villages? If yes then you need trying your hands at experiencing the old days of transportation all throughout the villages by taking a ride on the bullock carts. This experience is surely an everlasting experience which you must not miss. Through this bullock cart safari, you will get to visit some prominent villages near Khajuraho, namely Chitarai, Bamnora and Benigaj Village.
Khajuraho is considered as one of the best places for individuals who look forward to experience ecotourism and natural beauty of villages. Besides, this region Bundelkhand is popular for its incredible bullock cart safari. The undeniable exquisite lively fauna and flora that you get to see all along the impeccable reserve of villages of Bundelkhand certainly re-define your travelling experience. Are you a serious nature and culture lover? If yes, then you must get on a bullock cart and take pleasure of your ride through the valleys, plateaus, forests and diversity rich villages of Bundelkhand and you will be treated to the rich culture of Bundelkhand, including its unique architecture, cuisine and folk dances.
Our Bullock Cart Safari has become a center of attraction for foreigners and domestic tourists through which, they get to admire the farms and Bundeli villages near Khajuraho. It truly gives an experience of being in old era in this contemporary era. Bullock Cart Safari has become a must try option for the individuals who are visiting Khajuraho and wish experiencing the culture of different villages of this region.

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